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Organization Services in Southeast Minnesota

A key to keeping your house and business clean is organization. Hiring a professional to organize and develop a plan to keep your items managed will save you time, stress, and money. Finding what you need without having to overthink it will significantly increase your productivity and help eliminate the need to buy things you already own. We service a large portion of Southeast Minnesota, making it easy for anyone living in or around Rochester, MN.

Every house has different needs and requirements depending on lifestyle; here are some of the essential organization services we offer:

  • Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Organization
  • Bathroom and Closet Organization
  • Laundry Room Storage Solutions
  • Basement and Garage Storage Protection and Organization
  • Decluttering Bedroom and Living Areas
Minimize Clutter and Maximize Free Space

Our organization service will help you minimize clutter and unwanted items from your life and maximize available space. Our friendly staff is here to help; we do not judge or belittle anyone that feels trapped by their possessions. We understand first hand the challenges with taking the proper steps to a clean and organized lifestyle.

Protect Your Valuables and Keep Them Organized 

Are your garage and basement items adequately protected and labeled correctly? Utilizing your garage or basement in Minnesota is excellent for additional storage. Unfortunately, they are not always the driest of locations, making your belongings vulnerable to water, mold, and critters. We have been through it and done that; we know what works and what doesn’t. Give us a call, and we’ll evaluate your project and create a plan to declutter and protect.

Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Organization

Is your kitchen pantry one step away from collapsing or one item away from closing the door all the way? Simply Tidy Clean is one phone call away from properly organized supplies, food, and utensils. We give your pantry a simplified blueprint that allows the entire family to put items back in the proper place (if they don’t, you can always have us back for a refresh). If you or somebody you know in Rochester, MN area needs help getting organized; we offer free non-judgmental estimates.

Organization Boxes on Closet Shelf
Cleaning Kitchen Pantry Before and After
Cleaning Bucket with Cleaning Supplies

Home Cleaning

We offer everyday cleaning services for individuals or families that need an extra hand with household maintenance.

Stacked Organization Boxes


Need an outside perspective on organizing your space? We'll not only help you organize, but will help you keep it that way.

Construction Tools in Bag

Job-Site Cleanup

We can handle your new/post-construction clean-up! You can focus on your new projects while we clean your current ones.

Desk with Computers

Small Office Care

Does your business need some additional attention?  We can help by providing cleaning services for your small office.