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Does Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service Make a Difference When Selling or Renting Real Estate?

Selling real estate is one of the ventures that can quickly turn you into an overnight handyperson.

There are a lot of tasks involved in preparing the average home for sale. Apart from having a good realtor, repair jobs, and adding new decorations, you need to get creative and come up with as manage ways as possible to attract potential buyers. 

Given the competition in the real estate market, you only have a limited number of chances to create a lasting impression on a prospective buyer as a seller. This means that the house needs to be perfect to impress prospects, from the clean floors to gleaming countertops, spotless bathrooms, and the smell of a fresh clean. 

It doesn’t matter whether it is an open house or pictures posted on a website ad; most buyers will base their decision on whether to purchase your property or not based on how it looks. However, it is one of the reasons why realtors should seek help from professional house cleaners regularly while trying to sell or rent your home.

Here are some of the reasons why real estate agents should seek professional cleaning services when selling or renting a house. 

– Create a defined standard of cleanliness

People have very differentiating views of what is considered clean. The way a landlord determines a unit’s cleanliness will differ from how an amateur cleaner defines it. When there is a big enough difference between how each party represents cleanliness, it can lead to disputes.

Landlords often have to come back to clean a property they already paid someone else to do. This problem is eliminated with a professional cleaning service. The company subscribes to a standard of cleanliness that is objectively defined and probably higher than even the owner’s definition of cleanliness.

– Reach the unreachable places

Cleaning a house is one of the most tedious housekeeping jobs there is. But it rarely appears so; people only realize this when they are already in the middle of the cleaning job. Furthermore, different surfaces require different methods to achieve the best results, especially when there are many unreachable areas.

To make matters worse, someone without professional cleaning experience may not even realize that those places exist. A professional service is aware of the corners and crevices where dirt tends to lurk. Additionally, they have the equipment and techniques to reach and clean them properly. As a result, a professional service delivers an overall better clean.

– A professional cleaning service saves landlords money

When landlords clean their property themselves, they are often faced with a dilemma. They may have to buy materials, tools, and machines that will help them do a better job, which they may not need afterward. Or they will have to forgo buying those materials and equipment but take longer to do the cleaning.

In the first case, the owner loses money. In the second, they lose time. But a professional cleaning service saves owners from both losses by charging less than they would spend to buy materials and equipment while also allowing them time to do more important things.

– Create an image of professionalism

In the business of rental real estate, image is significant. The perception that owners create about themselves and their property determines the tenants they attract and how they treat them. By using a professional cleaning service, owners set a minimum standard for how tenants treat a property.

Professional cleaning services have established guidelines, systems, and procedures. As a result, they work efficiently and to a high degree of cleanliness.

Through the value owners place on their property, they teach tenants also to value the property. Whatever a landlord spends on professional cleaning comes back many times in the way tenants handle the property.

– Allows owners time to manage their business

Landlords can employ the mental space that a cleaning job takes up for better things. Whatever property owners commit time to, they eventually become good at it. They can choose to dedicate more time to the business side of their properties or look after the menial demands of the business.

Over time, this will impact the overall success which a landlord enjoys in their business. Landlords should know how to carry out minor maintenance to save money and deal with emergencies. Though, they must never let those become something that detracts from their role as investment property owners.

All in all, using a professional cleaning service is the best for the long-term outlook of a property owner’s business. Landlords may save money at the moment by cleaning themselves. However, the long-term costs of wear and tear on the property due to improper cleaning erode those gains.

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