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Cleaning is better than flowers and chocolate…but why?

If you are like most people, Valentine’s Day ranks somewhere between Christmas and Birthdays on your list of gift-giving occasions. However, the inherent pressure to show the object of your affection how much they mean to you can be challenging. With lots of time spent shopping for that perfect gift, either chocolates or flowers (or both!), having the added stress of a ‘special date’ can be a burden.

In this article, our focus will be on why you might want to consider buying a gift card for a cleaning service as your Valentine’s Day gift. But, as a bonus, we have a limited-time offer that will allow you some additional goodies; keep reading to find out how.

A clean home is often taken for granted. To those who live in it, a home can be a place of refuge and comfort; to guests, its appearance is an expression of what you want them to think about you. But no matter how your home appears, the fact remains: the cleaner it is, the happier everyone will be!

A professional cleaning service can handle all aspects of your housekeeping needs, all while you spend that extra time with your loved ones!

A clean home can speak volumes without saying a word. When things are kept tidy and organized, it creates a subconscious impression that you care in your loved one’s mind. It shows that you respect them and their space enough to keep things organized and free from clutter.

One of the biggest plusses of buying a cleaning service for your partner is that you are giving them something that they could use over and over again. Making it more likely that you end up with a ‘thank-you’ and less likely for you to hear ‘chocolate and flowers again next year?’

Another reason this might be a good option is if your partner works from home, they are not limited to only using the cleaning service during business hours. While many people work 9-5 jobs, many are self-employed – or have odd schedules. With our gift cards, they can schedule their cleaning service when it’s convenient.

For those who worry about the price of such a gift, it is important to note that you do not necessarily need to buy a selected cleaning service to make your purchase. Simply Tidy Clean offers various services and packages, meaning that there is something for everyone- whether you are looking for a large or smaller gift card.

In all, if you have been thinking about giving your partner a break from having to do chores just this once – consider buying a Simply Tidy Cleaning gift card instead.

But here’s the special offer part:

If you sign up for a cleaning service before February 14th, we will throw in a bonus gift! For a limited time, Simply Tidy Cleaning includes a box of chocolates with any gift card over $200, and with every purchase of year of home cleaning, we are chocolates, wine, flowers, and a gift card to a local nail salon (call or message for details).

We guarantee that your Valentine will be happy with our services, ensuring a clean and comfortable home!